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Webzine Redsine recently announced that, from January 2002, the publication will appear as a 12.7cm x 20.3cm "high quality trade paperback with a glossy colour cover".

According to their Press Release, "Cosmos Books have committed themselves to bringing out the magazine quarterly for at least the next two years. As a result Redsine will have access to a distribution network that covers the UK, the US and Australia.

"The webzine's final issue will be issue 6, online June 1st.

"A further announcement will be made early next month, which will include prices, subscription information and more details concerning the magazine."

The PR included guidelines for the new magazine:

Redsine is now on the lookout for Dark Fantasy stories up to 5000 words in length.

The kind of writing I am looking for is moody, dark and vivid.

Dark fables, fairy tales, out and out horror, all are acceptable. I'm not going to turn back science fiction either, but it has a better chance if it's more "Who Goes there?" than "Foundation" (or "Alien" rather than "Star Wars").

The kind of authors I like are Fritz Leiber, Geoffrey Maloney, D.F. Lewis, Jeff Vandermeer, Poppy Z. Brite, Michael Shea and Neil Gaiman.

In the past we have received too many tales of the hack and slash variety. Stories that consist of a character going insane and then embarking on a killing rampage are unlikely to get a look in. They have been done to death, if you'll excuse the pun. I want the fiction in Redsine to haunt our readers. Be visceral, be confronting, but remember stories should react with the reader on an emotional level.

If you're into edgy, powerful prose then you're the kind of writer we're after.

Re-prints are not encouraged if you want to send a re-print please first send a query and include details of where/when the story originally appeared.

At this stage, we're paying in contributor's copies. (This is likely to change to 1 cent per word early next year.)

All manuscripts should be disposable.

The preferred manuscript format is double-spaced with author details, title, word count etc. on the cover page, and name, title and page number on the top right hand corner of each page.

Font size between 11 and 14 is preferred.

Please include a self-addressed envelope and one IRC. I prefer subs to be sent snail mail (the address will be announced when we open for submissions). But if you want to make your case for e-mail, I'm open to that, just please enquire first.

There will be three reading periods each year as follows.

  • 1st June 31st August
  • 1st October 31st December
  • 1st February 30th April
Stories submitted outside these times will be returned.

(Thursday, May 24 @ 10:02:43 WST)

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