Aurealis For Sale

Chimaera Publications has offered their Aurealis title, its website content, subscriber list and back issue stock for sale by tender, with bids to close on 02 July.

According to the press release, the magazine is being offered as a "going concern", with a double issue #27/28 ready for publication in August (and by implication to be published at Chimaera Publications' expense), and with no outstanding subscriber liability or debts. The sale also includes a non-specific mailing list of 1000 addresses in addition to the magazine's 400 former subscribers, and the stock is described as "substantial".

If you're interested, phone Volker Strasser on +61 3 9534 1569, fax on +61 3 9534 1530 or email to for further details.

Aurealis is reading through the sale period, with stories reaching a "final reading" stage being passed on to the new owners. Chimaera Publications itself will be "changing direction" towards "book, online and multi-media publishing." The Aurealis Awards are to continue to be run independently of the magazine as a condition of the sale, and should be unaffected.

(Thursday, May 24 @ 03:24:36 WST)

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