Short Fiction Bonanza at Natcon

Two small press original anthologies joined a number of commercial book-launches at the 2001 National SF Convention this Easter, helping to fill the gaps left by the infrequent and volatile Australian genre magazines.

Consensual, an anthology of genre-related erotica from a West Australian team, joined the follow-up to Mitch? (2000), the 108-page Tarts of the New Millennium, published out of Melbourne. Both books were planned with the intention of launching them at the convention, and both reputedly sold well enough to cover costs.

In addition, the convention souvenir book, which sold for $5.00, included several original short stories by convention guests, and HarperCollins Australia distributed copies of its “Collector’s Edition” of five original stories from Voyager authors, including Juliet Marillier’s “Otherling”.

(Tuesday, May 22 @ 02:57:49 WST)

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