agog! Fantastic Fiction announced

New small press agog! has announced agog! Fantastic Fiction, an anthology of original fiction which seeks to “engage the imagination, maintain a thrilling pace, and rocket the reader into an astounding world of speculative imagination”, to be launched at the National Convention in 2002.

Agog! Press, established recently by managing editor Cat Sparks and associate editor Robert Hood, is reading for the anthology between April and October 2001. According to the Press Release, “Agog! Fantastic Fiction aims to bring together astounding, compulsively readable stories in the fantastic genres of SF, horror and general fantasy”.

The anthology is intended to be an annual publication, and is open to submissions under 10,000 words from Australian residents. More detail can be found on the press' website.

(Monday, May 21 @ 21:24:32 WST)

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