National Science Week SF Forum

"2001: Space, Odysseys and the Science in Sci-Fi Books" is the title of a forum to be held in WA on March 5th, 2001 as part of National Science Week.

The event, organised by staff of the WA Museum and the University of Western Australia, will feature authors Rosaleen Love, Terry Dowling and Tess Williams plus an assortment of academics and additional speakers, exploring the science underlying sf in a series of six panel discussions moderated by the inimitable Grant Stone.

The forum will be held at Steve's Nedlands Park Hotel, Broadway, Nedlands, and is set to begin at 7pm sharp. Tickets are $12 and include "substantial nibbles". For additional details, contact Susan Marie (08 9381 5107) or John Long (08 9427 2725).

(Sunday, March 18 @ 13:50:17 WST)

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