Eidolon Announces Hiatus

Eidolon magazine, last seen in print in April 2000 with Issue 29/30, will close officially during the ongoing development of the eidolon.net website.

The new eidolon.net, launched in September 2000, has severely taxed the recently diminished resources of Western Australia's Eidolon Publications, and plans to relaunch the magazine for January 2001 have proved overly ambitious. Ongoing development of the website will continue as the publisher's primary focus for at least the next six months.

Eidolon will appear in print form again sometime in the second half of 2001. In the meantime, submissions will continue to be read and responses sent, although recent lengthy delays could potentially recur. For more information, contact Eidolon Publications, PO Box 225 NORTH PERTH WA 6906.

(Monday, November 20 @ 00:25:00 WST)

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