a Novel by Chuck McKenzie

Abby the Troll (Pardeeville, WI US), May 2001 (reprint)

Okay folks, pay attention, cuz this is simple.

Zach is a narcissist, dislikable, piggish, revolting, prig with an overactive libido. He's also the biggest star known to mankind.

Chet is a clone-incidently, clones are now illegal and have been rounded up and removed from society. He tends to imbibe a bit much, and, oops! Years ago he told Zach what he was-an illegal clone, hunted by the government.

Susan is beautiful, intelligent, desirable, and a ships officer. She finds nothing more nauseating than the thought of Zach naked.

All is well on the new intergalactic ship, Aeschylus, until Zach manages to kill everyone on board but himself, Chet, & Susan by unleashing an alien life form-the life form holes up in the ships hold-oh, he shares that his species will eventually have to destroy Earth-Zach tries to lure Susan into bed-Susan (much to her dismay) starts to think it isn't such a bad idea-and Chet decides it's in his best interest to start drinking... a lot. Of course, the ship is on course across the universe where it will most certainly be destroyed. That is, unless the Earth decides to destroy it first. Does this qualify as a bad trip yet?

Free publicity isn't something you turn down; especially not when you're a formerly successful Australian celebrity superstar whose current popularity is on par with that of a genital wart. So when Zach Vance was asked to attend the much-publicised launch of Earth's first-ever starship, he jumped at the chance to score some points with the Great Viewing Public.

The next thing Zach knew, he was trapped - orbiting the Earth, with only a frigid medical technician, an illegal military clone, a talking plant, a lethal alien organism, and exactly 334 dead people for company.

As far as Zach was concerned, things just couldn't possibly get any worse.

But of course, they did...

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