a Novel by Damien Broderick

TOR (US), February 2002
Hardcover (432pp)
isbn 0-7653-0369-8
Awards: d03

Amanda is a brilliant violinist, a mathematical genius, and a rebel. Impatient for the adult status her society only grants at age 30, but determined to have a real adventure first, she seeks thrills at the risk of life and limb.

Mathewmark, who lives on a reservation known as the Valley of the God of One's Choice, is younger than Amanda in years. But in his society, he is already considered a man.

When Amanda and Mathewmark get together, the result is often humorous, sometimes moving, and ultimately enlightening for both of them.

Their unlikely friendship takes place against a backdrop of a world that is about to change forever.

A brilliant young woman, a teenage boy and a resurrected man, coming of age in a hgh-tech utopia.

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