a Novel by Robert G Barrett

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), March 2002
Trade Paperback (424pp, 233x154mm) $24.95
isbn 0-7322-7167-3

The ultimate new novel from Australia's king of popular fiction.

'Leave it with us, sir,' said the Secretary of Defense. 'We'll have Operation Jaws organised and ready to rock 'n' roll before you know it.'

'Operation Jaws?' queried President Clooney.

'Yessir,' said the Director of the DEA.

'We feel the name gives a definite veracity to the exercise.'

The President looked at Abelard Sisaric for a moment. 'By golly! It sure does,' he agreed. 'And anybody'll tell you, ol' CC don't goddamn veracitate unless he has to.'

Aussie Vietnam veteran Ron Milne was on a good thing growing Indian hemp on the tiny Micronesian island of Lan Laroi. Besides being President, the natives treated him as a god. To the American DEA he was a dangerous criminal. President of the United States Clifford J. Clooney decides to invade.

Onto this island of sun, surf, beautiful women and mysterious ruins arrives Bondi surf journalist Brian Bradshaw. Brian came to find a story, then return home to write it. He didn't expect to get involved in something almost impossible to comprehend, fall in love and get taken literally for the ride of his life.

All Lan Laroi wanted to do was sit peacefully in the sun away from everybody. The little island had absolutely no intention of starting a third world war. But if Lan Laroi had to fight a world war, the little island had absolutely no intention of losing.

Robert G. Barrett's latest book,The Ultimate Aphrodisiac, moves away temporarily from his regular hero Les Norton. However, it still has all the action and humour you would expect from the king of popular Australian fiction.

The creator of the mega-selling Les Norton novels describes his new book as 'a science shock story set on a fictitious island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean - complete with magic crystals, UFOs, and mysterious force fields. Plus the usual gratuitous sex, drugs and violence you find in my books. And just to stir things up a bit, I'll throw in a third world war. Independence Day meets Wag the Dog. How's that for a mystery story?' Told with all his trademark action and humour, Robert G. Barrett spins a thriller like no other.

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