THE LADY OF THE SORROWS (Book 2 of The Bitterbynde Trilogy)

a Novel by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Warner/Aspect (US), April 2002 (reprint)

Though her memory remains clouded by sorcery, Imrhien must take vital news directly to the King-Emperor of Caermelor. She hopes that there she may also find Thorn, the fearless ranger who has won her heart. ‘Since no commoner may approach the royal court, Imrhien must assume a new identity as Rohain, a noble visitor from the distant Sorrow Isles.

‘Her disguise helps her discover that the King and his rangers have departed to battle the Unseelie hordes which have suddenly declared war against mortals. While she awaits the king's return, Rohain is trapped in her masquerade, facing a court where treachery and deceit are as deadly as any eldritch peril.

‘Changes of fate occur, and for a brief while it seems Rohain's dream of happiness may be achieved. But her joy is short-lived. For attacks by nightmare monsters of the Wild Hunt, led by the unseelie Lord Huon, grow ever more frequent and brutal. And when evil forces lay siege to the royal sanctuary on a hidden mystic island, Rohain must accept a horrifying fact: She is the real target of the monstrous attacks; she is the one whom Huon hunts. And she has no idea why.

‘To protect those she loves, the Lady of the Sorrows must undertake a desperate quest to discover who she is and why an unhuman evil would destroy a world to find her. But the truth of Rohain's past will prove more incredible-and far more tragic-than any she could possibly have imagined.’

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