a Young Adult Novel by Sophie Masson

Hodder Headline (Sydney, NSW), July 2002
Paperback $16.95
isbn 0-7336-1443-4

In acclaimed Australian author Sophie Masson’s stunning new novel, The Hand of Glory, she creates a gripping historical mystery set in Australia’s gold rush era.

Sylvia Hoveden, an independent and feisty English girl, has travelled to Aurifer, Australia to find her missing twin, Felix, whose search for gold has led him into grave danger... Anje Otsoa, a young Basque now working undercover for the Governor of Esperance, has also come to Aurifer, to find the Count of Tremille, who has disappeared... And a mysterious organisation calling itself ‘The Hand of Glory’ has written to Victoria’s newspapers demanding a ransom for the Count’s return...

The Hand of Glory is a unique new adventure combining history and fantasy against the colourful backdrop of the gold rush.

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The Hand of Glory cover art

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