a Novel by Kirsten Bishop

Prime Books (Conton, OH USA), March 2003
Paperback (336pp)
isbn 1-8948-1522-X

"Have you seen a split cranium, growing flowers like a window box? I saw that, a mere hour ago."

Fleeing the ghosts of their past, Raule and Gwynn escape from the ruined Copper Country to the city of Ashamoil. As they salvage new lives from the rubble of the old, they will discover that the ghosts of the past are also the ghosts of the future.

"When I came to this city, I would have agreed with anyone who said there was little mystery left in the world. But in you, madam, first in your image, then in your living self, I saw the allure of something as far away and as secret as the stars."

In the Etched City art will infect life, dream and waking fuse, and miracles, splendid and frightening, will bloom.

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The Etched City cover art by Kirsten Bishop
Cover by Kirsten Bishop

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