THE BATTLE OF EVERNIGHT (Book 3 of Bitterbynde)

a Novel by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Pan Macmillan (Sydney, NSW), October 2002
Trade Paperback (480pp) $30.00
isbn 0-7329-1141-9

As a consequence of vital fragments of her past coming back to her, Tahquil-Ashalind undertakes a journey to seek the Bitterbynde Gate, the only remaining way into the world of the FaÍran, in the faraway region of Arcdur. However, with the returning of her memory, she has also regained the Langothe, a terrible longing for the world of the FaÍran, for which there is no cure but to return there, before it is too late.

Accompanied by her two loyal friends, Caitri and Viviana, Tahquil must beat a path through sinister forests, riven valleys threaded by fast-flowing waters and vast, neglected orchards haunted by extraordinary creatures. Some of these eldritch wights make contact with the mortal damsels, with unexpected results. But what of Thorn? Rumour has it that he has been slain by unseelie wights, and then that rumour is confirmed by one who can never lie . . .

When Tahquilís companions are ruthlessly abducted, she abandons her earlier purpose in spite of the yearning of the Langothe, and sets out to try to rescue them, venturing into the land of Darke, and the blackness of Evernight . . .

The Battle of Evernight cover art

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