a Collection by Neil Cladingboel

Bowman Publishing (Perth, WA), April 2002
Paperback (142pp) $14.95
isbn 1-8770-3406-1

Tale Spin brings together an amazing collection of imaginative and often surprising short fiction. From the subtle irony of Moonshadow and the humour of Tanked, to the romance of Queen of Hearts, or the startling Cabin Fever, each story presents a wonderful spin on its genre. There's even a treat for fans of the author's Erebus Equilibrium series with the story, Sandman, an enchanting tale that can be read as either a prequel, or sequel to the fantasy series!

This sometimes amusing, yet often thought-provoking compendium of original Science Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural tales, creates a spellbinding journey filled with twists and turns, all of which are tied together beautifully with the tongue-in-cheek audacity of the title story, which completes the collection!

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Tale Spin cover art

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