SPIRIT CITY (Book 2 of Spirit Shinto Trilogy)

a Novel by Dale Elvy

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), August 2002
Paperback (336pp, 181x111mm) $17.95
isbn 1-8695-0424-0

With the wrath of the most powerful warlord in the Great Houses about to fall on the rebels of Maragon, two desperate missions set out, the fate of the rebellious island in their hands...

In this second volume of the Spirit Shinto trilogy, the story of Tane and Sajha begun in First Hunter continues, with Maragon in the hands of the rebels, but vulnerable to the vengeful retaliation of House Jintao. Tane and Sajha must both leave the city of Shevilian in search of allies and resources to give their people some hope of defending themselves against the wrath of Lord Kuso, who now rules the Great Houses unopposed.

Tane travels to the fabled lands of the Eastern Empire, where his petition to the Grand Caliph involves him in a deadly battle for power and revenge. Meanwhile, Sajha has travelled alone to the Spirit City, where strange secrets that underlie the world she knows are revealed, and she is horrified to discover the origin of the deadly Shinto Magic she wields.

Spirit City cover art

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