a Novel by Joy Dettman

Pan Macmillan (Sydney, NSW), June 2002
Paperback (464pp) $18.50
isbn 0-3303-6353-0

The world as it was has been all but destroyed. Those few who survived the Great Ending are now ruled by an all-powerful group known as the Chosen, whose walled city encloses a diminishing population riddled with plague and threatened with extinction. Desperate to repopulate, the Chosen send searchers to capture every surviving female still living in the wild lands beyond the city for their new breeding stations.

There is a girl with a name neither of her companions can remember, who is found by the Chosenís searchers living on a remote property. Since then, she has known little more than the life they enforce—a life dominated by their breeding program and genetic experimentation—while they immunise her and prepare to take her to their city.

Then one afternoon a son of one of the Chosen arrives at the girlís farm, a boy who has fled from a life that he has come to find unbearable. His arrival sets in motion a chain of events which change the girlís life in ways she could not possibly have imagined—offering her a chance to regain the unthinkable: freedom. . .

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