an Anthology edited by Bill Congreve

Mirrordanse (Parramatta, NSW), March 2002
Paperback (171pp) $19.95
isbn 0-9586-5833-1
Awards: d03

  • "All the Children of Chimaera" by Kate Orman
  • "Curtain Call" by Chris Mowbray
  • "Maculate Conception" by Robert Hood
  • "Eye of Frog" by Jessica Vivien
  • "100% M-HypeTM" by Cat Sparks
  • "Lindi's Angel" by Michelle Marquardt
  • "Autumn Flame" by David Carroll
  • "Life's Work" by Deborah Biancotti
  • "Were-Sofa" by Naomi Hatchman
  • "Cigarettes and Roses" by Ben Peek
  • "Poison" by Kyla Ward
  • "The Desertion of Corporal Perkins" by Bill Congreve
  • "Confessions of a Pod Person" by Chuck McKenzie

Passing Strange is a collection of thirteen new stories of speculative fiction from some of Australia’s brightest talents in the field. Fantasy, humour, urban gothic, science fiction, satire, ghost stories; they’re all here.

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Passing Strange cover art by Cat Sparks
Cover by Cat Sparks

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