MOONSTORM (Book 3 of Gina Champion Mysteries)

a Young Adult Novel by Kim Wilkins

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), January 2003
Paperback (160pp, 198x128mm) $13.95
isbn 0-2071-9828-4

While other girls earn money babysitting, Gina sets up her own psychic practice and her clients can’t get enough of her. But there’s one customer in particular, the mysterious Professor Anstible, who captures her attention. Impressed with her psychic ability, he offers to be her mentor and teach her about magic. But then he goes missing under sinister circumstances. Does it have something to do with his dabblings in necromancy? Or is it all related to the Professor’s lifelong arch-enemy, a man he simply called ‘The Blue Stranger’?

Gina has to get to the bottom of the mystery, deal with the growing attraction between herself and the school wild-child, Dali, and somehow still get her homework done. She thinks she’s in control until she realises that while she’s looking for the Blue Stranger, the Blue Stranger is also looking for her.

Great new direction for this gripping young adult series.

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Moonstorm cover art

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