a Children's Book by James Valentine

Random House Australia (Milsons Point, NSW), September 2002
Paperback $14.95
isbn 1-7405-1789-X

This is a hilarious debut novel from James Valentine, host of the movie review show, The Screening Room, on Foxtel’s Showtime, and the Afternoons’ Presenter on 702 ABC radio. It follows the adventures of Theodore as he accidentally lands in the twenty-first century, befriends Genevieve and Jules, and lands the three of them in all sorts of trouble!

"I know exactly what time is until I am asked to explain it."
St Augustine, AD 4th century

Theodore Pine Four has hair that constantly changes colour, a coat that talks to him and keeps him informed of things like the weather and what he should be eating, and he's a TimeJumper. None of which is all that weird if you're from the year fifteen billion and seventy-three. But it all looks a little out of place if you pop up now.

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