JOURNEY TO THE DAWN OF TIME: Return To Devil's Roost

a Young Adult Novel by John Long

Fremantle Arts Centre Press (Fremantle, WA), March 2003
Paperback (136pp, 198x128mm) $14.95
isbn 1-8636-8357-7

Long awaited sequel to Mystery of Devil's Roost, Journey to the Dawn of Time is set fifteen years after Sarah and Peter's last time travelling adventure. Now Sarah is a palaeontologist at the Queensland museum and Peter is a famous novelist. An unexpected and mysterious visit from an old man brings them back to Devil's Roost to embark on another exciting time-travelling quest back and back and back - to a time when the earth was no more than a "bubbling primordial soup" Only this time, the outcome of their quest will affect everyone on the planet!

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Journey To The Dawn of Time cover art

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