HADES' DAUGHTER (Book 1 of The Troy Game)

a Novel by Sara Douglass

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), December 2002
Hardcover (624pp, 234x153mm) $45.00
isbn 0-7322-7164-9

The Troy Game has been played out through millennia—and reaches into the very heart of our time... Everyone knows the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur: how Theseus, the brave warrior, slew the bull-headed Minotaur who guarded the labyrinth at Crete. But the story of Theseus is only part of the story of the labyrinth, and the labyrinth at Crete is only part of the Troy Game. There were many labyrinths throughout the ancient Aegean world, and each was a key to the power of the Game. The Troy Game was a labyrinthine mystery of great power and sorcery; a ritual to entrap the evil that was always drawn to communities of wealth and contentment. Without the Game's protection, cities were vulnerable to all the predations of evil; to misfortune, destruction and death.

When Theseus slew the Minotaur, he was only able to do so with the help of Ariadne, the Mistress of the Labyrinth. So when he betrayed her, her revenge was swift, brutal, and absolute. Ariadne unwound the Game. And set in motion a fierce contest to possess completely dark the dark power at its heart. That contest travelled from the Aegean to Britain where, after the Fall of Troy, Brutus found a homeland for his people. And that contest and the Game continued when the Trojans founded a settlement which would one day be known as the great City of London.

Evil is locked in the heart of the labyrinth, and once The Game is restarted, it will be hard to control…

After the Trojan wars, Brutus and his people wandered homeless for many years. So when the Goddess Artemis offers him a future, he does not hesitate to take it. Brutus is the last of the Kingmen, one of the few who, with the Mistress of the Labyrinth, can play the Troy Game. His arrival with his fellow Trojans in Llangarlia (south-east Britain) is part of a larger plan he can barely sense. Genvissa, Llangarlian High Priestess, and Asterion the Minotaur—though barely alive—are manipulating events and each has their own agenda. As a new city is founded, The Troy Game comes into its own.

Once the Game is joined, the future will be a battleground born of legend and myth, and the dark heart of the labyrinth may be more than anyone, even Brutus, has bargained for.

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Hades' Daughter cover art by David Wyatt
Cover by David Wyatt

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