GEOMANCER (Book 1 of The Well of Echoes)

a Novel by Ian Irvine

Viking (Ringwood, VIC), September 2001
Trade Paperback (622pp, 230x152mm) $29.95
isbn 0-6709-1226-3

Two hundred years after The Forbidding was broken, Santhenar is locked in war with the lyrinx - intelligent, winged predators who will do anything to gain their own world. Despite the development of battle clankers and mastery of the crystals that power them, humanity is losing. The enemy is destroying their nodes of power, one by one.

Tiaan, a lonely crystal worker in a clanker manufactory, is experimenting with an entirely new kind of crystal when she begins to have extraordinary visions. The crystal has woken her latent talent for geomancy, the most powerful of all the Secret Arts. It is a talent that allies and enemies alike are desperate to control.

Falsely accused of sabotage by her rival, Irisis, Tiaan flees for her life. She is also haunted by the lyrinx, Ryll, who plans to use her in his dreadful flesh-forming experiments. Only geomancy can save her. Struggling to control her talent, Tiaan follows her visions all the way to Tirthrax, greatest peak on all the Three Worlds, where a nightmare awaits her . . .

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Geomancer cover art by Nick Stathopoulos/Cathy Larsen
Cover by Nick Stathopoulos/Cathy Larsen

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