FIRE AND SWORD (Book 2 of The Keys of Power)

a Novel by Simon Brown

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), December 2001
Paperback (552pp, 181x111mm) $17.95
isbn 0-7322-7133-9

After suffering near-fatal injuries, Lynan Rosetheme, holder of the Key of Union, is healed and transformed through the blood of the vampire Silona. He awakes from his deep sleep to discover he has found refuge from his avenging sister Areava, queen of Grenda Lear, with the wild northern Chetts who live on the Ocean of Grass. Now he must unite them behind him so he can win back his inheritance from Areava and her allies.

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Fire and Sword cover art by Carol McLean-Carr
Cover by Carol McLean-Carr

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