FERREN AND THE INVASION OF HEAVEN (Book 3 of Heaven and Earth Trilogy)

a Novel by Richard Harland

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), March 2003
Paperback (355pp) $22.95
isbn 0-1410-0512-2

When Ferren attempts to unite the Residual tribes, he must prepare to combat the ultimate evil, Asmodai, the Fallen Angel.

Beautiful, seductive and determined to bring Heaven and Earth under his dominion, Asmodai will stop at nothing - not even forging an alliance with the remaining Doctors and their Humen army. But has he underestimated the Residual Alliance? And will the spell of love that Asmodai planted in Miriael's heart come back to haunt him?

The narrative culminates in an apocalyptic battle when Asmodai and the Humen carry their war into heaven . . .

In the final book of the Heaven and Earth Trilogy, acclaimed author Richard Harland has outdone himself!

Read an extract from Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven.
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Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven cover art by David Althiem
Cover by David Althiem

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