FERREN AND THE ANGEL (Book 1 of Heaven and Earth)

a Novel by Richard Harland

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), March 2003 (reprint)
Paperback (360pp, 198x129mm) $22.95
isbn 0-1402-9231-4

In the year 2010 after the Invasion of Heaven, human psychonauts trample the sacred fields of heaven, and the angels retreat to higher altitudes to avoid the contamination of the physical.

In the year 2520 the Millennial Wars have reduced the Earth to a devastated battleground.

In the year 3000 the evil Humen are determined to destroy the power of Heaven, while the Residuals, a primitive race of people, live fearfully in the ruins of civilisation.

In the midst of this hatred and fear is born a unique friendship that could change the course of history. The Residual Ferren befriends Miriael, a warrior angel stranded on Earth. Together they must survive hostile forces that defy the imagination, and uncover the horrific truth behind the Humen.

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Ferren and the Angel cover art

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