a Novel by Kim Wilkins

Gollancz (UK), August 2002 (reprint)
Paperback (552pp)
isbn 1-8579-8333-5

Did England's great poet have a fallen angel in his attic?

Sophie Black is a London journalist who doesn't believe anything she can't see. But all that is about to change when her latest interview subject starts telling a tale of a time gone by, a tale that Sophie can't seem to get out of her head.

Three sisters, daughters of caustic, blazingly intelligent, blind poet John Milton, find their loyalties tested by the arrival of a fallen angel named Lazodeus. He is mesmerisingly beautiful, but Deborah, the youngest, is unsure if she can trust him. As her sisters sink deeper and deeper into Lazodeus's seductions, Deborah embarks on a quest for knowledge to save her sisters, her father and herself. And neither plague, nor Paradise Lost, nor the Great Fire of London can distract her from learning of the enormous sacrifice it takes to make a pact with angels.

Set against the twin backdrops of the modern urban ritual magic scene, and the bustle and colour of Restoration London, Angel of Ruin is a tale of angels and devils, art and lies, and sibling rivalry dangerously out of control.

Sophie is trying to make a living in London as a journalist. She joins the Lodge of the Seven Stars with a concealed identity, feeling it could lead to a great article on the occult. At her first meeting she hears of a 'wandering' woman whose story will curse her listeners. The Lodge warns not to seek her out, but Sophie cannot get her out of her mind. The old woman's story is about John Milton's three daughters and it sounds intriguing. Sophie determines to find her, after all her tale may be publishable and she is broke. But her intrigue turns to terror when she finally hears the story of the Milton daughters and their fallen guardian angel Lazodeus, and realises she has been trapped. A fantastic, dark tale of the supernatural and black magic.

(Originally published as Angel of Ruin.)

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