an Anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), June 2006
Trade Paperback (295pp, 140x220mm, 390gm) $29.95
isbn 0-9586864-7-5

  • "The Third-Quarter King", Tim Pratt
  • "The Angel of Gamblers", Hal Duncan
  • "The Revenant", Lucy Sussex
  • "Gin", Holly Phillips
  • "A Fine Magic", Margo Lanagan
  • "The Bridal Bier", Carol Ryles
  • "The Conqueror", Grace Dugan
  • "Cassandra’s Hands", Kim Westwood
  • "My Report on the Secret Life of Shane Hamill", Jeff VanderMeer
  • "Thievery", Deborah Roggie
  • "Trimalchio’s Chamber Pot", William Eakin
  • "The Legend of Greatmother June", Alistair Ong
  • "Big Green Mama Falls in Love", Eleanor Arnason
  • "Gone to Flowers", Elizabeth Bear
  • "Hieronymus Boche", Chris Lawson
  • "The Dying Light", Deborah Biancotti
  • "Leviathan", Simon Brown

    The multi award-winning “Eidolon: the Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy” delivered groundbreaking work by some of the genre’s biggest names through the 1990s. In showcasing the best from around the world, this new original anthology from Eidolon’s now internationally acclaimed editors Strahan and Byrne surpasses its roots. The result is a stunning selection of short fiction from some of the hottest talents writing today.

    Powerful, moving, disturbing and funny, this collection of seventeen stories by authors including World Fantasy Award Winners Margo Lanagan and Jeff VanderMeer, Hugo and Nebula Award winner Eleanor Arnason, Campbell Award winner Elizabeth Bear, Nebula and Campbell nominee Tim Pratt, Hal Duncan, Lucy Sussex, Holly Phillips, Simon Brown and Chris Lawson is perfectly suited to lovers of the fantastic, in every sense of the word.

  • Eidolon I cover art by Shaun Tan
    Cover by Shaun Tan

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