EIDOLON (Issue 3 of The Journal of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy)

a Magazine edited by The Eidolon Committee

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), December 1990
Prestige Format (A5) (144x206mm) $7.95
issn 1038-5657

   "Illustration for At The Focus" by Gavin O'Keefe
   "Age of Democracy" by Geoffrey Maloney
   "The Vat" by Greg Egan
   "Turtle Soup" by Rosaleen Love (d91)
   "At The Focus" by Sean McMullen and Paul Collins
   "Two Tomorrow" by Steven Paulsen
   "A Jungian Analysis of Rubber Suit Monsters II: (The Latex and the Self)" by Robin Pen
   "The High Brick Wall" by Sean McMullen
   "The Turkey City Lexicon" by Lewis Shiner
   "Kit Denton’s Burning Spear" by Jeremy G Byrne
   "David Brook’s Sheep and the Diva" by Jeremy G Byrne
   "In Print #2" by Jonathan Strahan
LETTERS of COMMENT by Damien Broderick, David King, Geoffrey Maloney, George Turner, Greg Egan, Ian Scudamore, Lucy Sussex, Nick Stathopoulos
ARTWORK and ILLUSTRATION by Craig Hilton, Keira McKenzie, Nick Stathopoulos

Eidolon cover art by Keira McKenzie
Cover by Keira McKenzie

Eidolon Publications 1995-2005

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