EIDOLON: 25/26, George Turner Memorial Issue (Issue 25 of The Journal of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy)

a Magazine edited by Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), October 1997
Prestige Format (A5) (144x206mm) $14.95
issn 1038-5657
Awards: D98 (fanzine)

   "The Dark Under the Skin" by Dirk Strasser
   "Shut the Door When You Go Out" by George Turner
   "Extracts From a Chronicle" by Karen Attard
   "Due West" by Rick Kennett (DW99)
   "Alexander's Feats" by Rosaleen Love
   "Lucent Carbon" by Russell Blackford (d98, aa97)
   "Love and Mandarins" by Sean Williams
   "Love and Paris" by Simon Brown
   "Bestseller" by Stephen Dedman
   "Jenny Come to Play" by Terry Dowling (DW99, AA97)
   "Foundations #1: Special Relativity" by Greg Egan
   "Scoop: Australian SF News" by Steven Paulsen
   "The Unrelenting Look: Two or Three Things I Meant to Say at George Turner's Funeral" by Bruce Gillespie
   "George Turner" by Damien Broderick
   "Remembering George: On the Passing of George Turner" by Jeremy G Byrne
   "On George" by Lucy Sussex
   "Remembering George Turner" by Russell Blackford
   "George Turner and the Nova Mob" by Sean McMullen
   "Sarah Douglass' Threshold" by Alice Mills
   "Paul Collins' Dream Weavers" by Andrew Enstice
   "Simon Brown's Winter" by Norman Talbot
   "Damien Broderick's The White Abacus" by Russell Blackford
   "Garth Nix's Shades Children" by Steven Paulsen
ARTWORK and ILLUSTRATION by Danny May, Gavin O'Keefe, R&D Studios (d98), Shaun Tan, Trudi Canavan

George Turner Memorial Issue.

Eidolon cover art by R&D Studios
Cover by R&D Studios

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