EIDOLON (Issue 16 of The Journal of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy)

a Magazine edited by Richard Scriven, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), February 1995
Prestige Format (A5) (144x206mm) $8.95
issn 1038-5657
Awards: D96 (periodical)

   "Gag Reflex" by Brent Lillie
   "The Shape of Pyramids" by David Clancy
   "Wall of Anguish" by Martin Bridgstock
   "Living With The Dead" by Martin J Livings
   "A Map of the Mines of Barnath" by Sean Williams (d96, aa95)
   "The Evil Empire" by Robin Pen
   "Recognition Australian Style" by Sean McMullen
   "Interview: George Turner" by Judith Raphael Buckrich
   "George Turner's Genetic Soldier" by Jonathan Strahan
   "Terry Dowling's The Man Who Lost Red" by Jonathan Strahan
   "McNamara & Winch's Alien Shores" by Martin J Livings
   "Rosaleen Love's Evolution Annie" by Martin J Livings
   "Lucy Sussex's The Lottery" by Martin J Livings
   "Lucy Sussex's The Patternmaker" by Martin J Livings
   "Shannah Jay's Envoy" by Martin J Livings
   "Lucy Sussex's Deersnake" by Sean Williams
   "Martin Middleton's The New Order" by Sean Williams
ARTWORK and ILLUSTRATION by Marc McBride, Shaun Tan, Simon Colombini

Eidolon cover art by Marc McBride
Cover by Marc McBride

Eidolon Publications 1995-2005

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