EIDOLON (Issue 11 of The Journal of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy)

a Magazine edited by Richard Scriven, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), January 1993
Prestige Format (A5) (144x206mm) $8.95
issn 1038-5657

   "Metacarcinoma" by Chris Lawson
   "Elroy’s New Routine" by Duncan Evans
   "The Moral Virologist" by Greg Egan
   "White Christmas" by Sean Williams
   "Empathy" by Steve Woodman
   "Stimulating the Simulcra" by Robin Pen
   "The State of Quarantine" by Sean McMullen
   "Interview: Greg Egan" by Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne
   "In Print #5" by Jonathan Strahan
LETTERS of COMMENT by J R Bleckly, JJ Adamson, Russell B Farr, Scott Mendham, Sean Williams, Steven Brooks
ARTWORK and ILLUSTRATION by Jeremy Reston, Liesl Yvette, Shaun Tan

Eidolon cover art by Keira McKenzie
Cover by Keira McKenzie

Eidolon Publications 1995-2005

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