EIDOLON (Issue 10 of The Journal of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy)

a Magazine edited by Richard Scriven, Jonathan Strahan & Jeremy G Byrne

Eidolon Publications (Perth, WA), October 1992
Prestige Format (A5) (144x206mm) $8.95
issn 1038-5657
Awards: D93 (periodical)

   "Memories of the Colour-Field" by Geoffrey Maloney
   "Compound Interest" by Jim Heath
   "The Lamadium Affair" by Leanne Frahm
   "Ghost Card" by Martin J Livings
   "Coup de Grace" by Pam Jeffery
   "Of Ewoks and Attitude" by Robin Pen
   "From Science Fantasy to Galileo" by Sean McMullen (waj93)
   "George Turnerís Brain Child" by Bill Congreve
   "Leon McDonaldís Invasion of the Star System NGC 358" by Emma Strong
   "Bill Congreveís Intimate Armageddons" by Jonathan Strahan
   "Dan Simmonís Children of the Night" by Martin J Livings
   "Greg Eganís Quarantine" by Michael Tolley
   "Paul Voermanís And Disregards The Rest" by Stephen Strong
LETTERS of COMMENT by Bill Congreve, Geoffrey Maloney, John L Manual, Matthew Dickens, Nick Stathopoulos, Sean Williams
ARTWORK and ILLUSTRATION by Gavin O'Keefe, Jeremy Reston, Liesl Yvette, Shaun Tan

Eidolon cover art by Keira McKenzie
Cover by Keira McKenzie

Eidolon Publications 1995-2005

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