DAUGHTER OF THE DARK (Book 2 of Shadow Through Time)

a Novel by Louise Cusack

Simon & Schuster (East Roseville, NSW), June 2002
Paperback (352pp, 178mmx110mm)
isbn 0-7318-1060-0

In the second novel of the Shadow Through Time trilogy, Khatrene's baby daughter Glimmer is sent through the watery gateway into exile on Earth. Her guardian Pagan must quickly adapt to Earth customs and use his wits and powers to protect Glimmer from detection, hiding the evidence of her true destiny. But the Maelstrom is building momentum, threatening to obliterate the four worlds and all who inhabit them. Eventually Glimmer must return to the land of her birth and fight the fiercest battle of her young life to right the terrible wrongs of the past, defeat the enemies who threaten to destroy her and restore peace to the four worlds.

Once again, Louise Cusack weaves an intricate web of intrigue, magic, erotica and horror to create a tale that is pure fantasy.

Read an extract from Daughter of the Dark.

Daughter of the Dark cover art by Viviene Kubbos
Cover by Viviene Kubbos

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