DARKSONG (Book 2 of The Legendsong)

a Novel by Isobelle Carmody

Penguin Australia (Ringwood, VIC), October 2002
Trade Paperback (760pp) $29.95
isbn 0-6708-7295-4

After her crossing to the troubled world of Keltor, Ember develops the ability to soulweave—to dream of the past and of all possible futures—and learns that her twin sister is upon Keltor and in great danger. She must find Glynn and warn her before it is too late.

But Ember is dying and her only hope of healing lies upon the mysterious island of Darkfall, in the form of the soulweaver Chieftain Signe. Time is running out for both sisters and for Keltor, for unbeknownst to the twins, their fate is inextricably bound up in that of this world.

Only the mysterious manbeast Ronaall knows that the fate of Glynn and Ember's world—our world—is also at stake, for what befalls one world, will befall all worlds . . .

Read an extract from Darksong.

Darksong cover art by Janet Woolley
Cover by Janet Woolley

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