DARK SHINTO (Book 3 of Spirit Shinto Trilogy)

a Novel by Dale Elvy

HarperCollins (Pymble, NSW), March 2003
Paperback (181x111mm) $18.95
isbn 1-8695-0455-0

In the conclusion to the Spirit Shinto trilogy, Lord Kusoís plans for conquest and world domination are almost complete, with the mighty Eastern Empire crumbling before his combined army of the Great Houses, and the treachery of thieves and assassins.

The story of Tane, First Hunter of the Gerhan tribe, and now rebel leader of Maragon, is continued, with Tane about to face his final battle against a deadly foe, who has been transformed into a power beyond even his own twisted dream—the Dark Shinto.

When the secrets of the islandís magical past are revealed, and legends become reality, Sajha finds herself standing as the last bastion before the gathering forces of death, as the final connections are made and the mysteries of Maragon stand revealed. An exciting, imaginative and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, Dale Elvy has skilfully woven his themes and characters into a bright tapestry of fantasy, action and magic.

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Dark Shinto cover art

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