a Children's Book by Jonathan Harlen

Allen & Unwin (St Leonards, NSW), October 2002
Paperback (156pp, 195x130mm) $14.95
isbn 1-8650-8770-X

Be warned! This book is rated M (M for Madness, Murder and Mayhem) Meet Marvin Gumbo, the only kid in the world who can kiss his own bottom; Chubby Cupcakes, the Fat Lady with her own personal forklift; Rajah ,the elephant who reports on his own funeral; the Great Zambini, glow-in-the-dark strongman; and Dancing Dan, lion-tamer extraordinaire. Get into the ring with Marvin, and his best friend Rajah, as they fight an evil ghost with a plan to destroy the Gumbo Circus Royale for ever. This story contains a head in the fridge, a freak accident, the destruction of a brand-new red Porsche, and a really, really TWISTED sense of humour. Open it at your peril!!!

A funny, action-packed, over-the-top junior novel about an extraordinary boy performer called Marvin Gumbo, his best friend Rajah the elephant, and their battle to save the family circus from ruin at the hands of Dancing Dan, megalomaniac lion-tamer.

Read an extract from Circus Berzerkus.

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