an Anthology edited by Cat Sparks

Agog! Press (Wollongong, NSW), June 2002
Paperback (300pp) $19.95
isbn 0-9580-5670-6
Awards: d03

Introduction by Sean Williams

Stories from Michael Barry, Deborah Biancotti, Leigh Blackmore, Damien Broderick, Simon Brown, David Carroll, Stephen Dedman, Marianne De Pierres, Terry Dowling, Brendan Duffy, Dirk Flinthart, Paul Haines, Richard Harland, Robert Hood, Trent Jamieson, Rick Kennett, Geoffrey Maloney, Claire McKenna, Chuck McKenzie, Chris Mowbray, Kate Orman, Ben Peek, Robin Pen, Tony Plank, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Tracey Rolfe, Keith Stevenson, Jessica Vivien and Kyla Ward.

29 fantastic stories that will leave you agog!

AWARDS KEY: AA(aa)YY = Aurealis Award (nomination) in year; D(d)YY = Ditmar Award (nomination) in year; WAJ(waj)YY = William Atheling Jr. Award (nomination) in year; DW(dw)YY = Datlow/Windling Year's Best reprint (recommended); GD(gd)YY = Gardner Dozois Year's Best reprint (recommended); Note: Year's Best recommendations are not currently listed.

Agog! Fantastic Fiction cover art by Cat Sparks
Cover by Cat Sparks

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