Fantastic Fictions

Terry was a guest speaker at the Fantastic Fictions Symposium at Sydney University on Friday 27 September 2002.

Terry presented a paper entitled “Spot-Checking the Emperor” and also received a mention in “Exploding the Monomyth: Myth and Fantasy in a Postmodern World”, the plenary paper presented by Professor Brian Attebery of the Department of English and Philosophy at Idaho State University:

Terry Dowling, Brian Attebery and Scott Westerfeld chat over
dinner after the symposium. (Photo ©2002 Cat Sparks.)

“Other writers have found different, but similarly complex, ways of bridging the gap between themselves and the magical stories they want to retell. Besides [Jeanne] Larsen and [Ursula] Le Guin, this group includes Karen Fowler, Molly Gloss, John Crowley, Alan Garner, Patricia Wrightson, Terry Dowling. Their fictions are meditations on history as well as myth, and on the changing relationships between history and myth: I think this focus makes their work not only intricate and engaging, but important as well.”

The Symposium was presented by the Centre for Medieval Studies with support from the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association.

(Sunday, December 01 @ 14:36:45 WST)

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