John Foyster Suffers "Stroke"

Respected critic, fanzine editor and convention organiser John Foyster suffered what appeared to be a minor stroke on Friday, 28-September and is recovering in Royal Adelaide Hospital.

According to recent mailing-list postings from Melbourne-based Bruce Gillespie, CAT scans indicate that Foyster's most significant damage may be an incidental injury to his lungs. As of 29-September Foyster was "conscious and communicating" and, although he is on a respirator, that could be removed within hours.

30-Sep-01: Foyster's condition continues to improve, although he is still ventilated and sedated.

02-Oct-01: Foyster is recovering well and is now breathing unassisted; his sedation has been reduced, his heart and lungs appear healthy and issues relating to mild encephalitis are now being investigated.

Cards and letters can be sent via:

Yvonne Rousseau
PO Box 3086, Rundle Street Mall

23-Oct-01: In a statement entitled “The Search for Foyster’s Brain Continues”, Foyster himself announced that “things are looking up”, and that it appeared he'd had “one of the new and technologically advanced illnesses that generates kidney failure and lung failure, and simulates some aspects of stroke, without actually being any of these things”. Foyster expects to be out of hospital within weeks and expressed thanks “to all of our friends for their well wishing”.

(Saturday, September 29 @ 14:13:34 WST)

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