NSW Freecons Blossom

The Freecon phenomemon which began in April 2000 continues to rejuvenate public interest in a state almost devoid of literary-oriented genre conventions for most of the last decade.

After a second successful event at the Sydney Museum the group have announced a North Sydney Freecon, with an "After the Story is Written" theme focussing on publication, promotion, interpretation and adaptation, 10.00am 5.00pm, Saturday 10 November, Stanton Library (North Sydney Oval end of Miller Street); a Museum Freecon targeted at the weekend of March 1617 2002, provisionally entitled "Day of the Robots" and focussing on "Robots in Books, TV and Movies", including live robotics demonstrations; and a "Golden Jubilee SynCon" celebrating the 50th Anniversary of National Conventions, set for Sydney, October or November 2002.

(Monday, August 27 @ 23:07:06 WST)

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