AntipodeanPr0n: Cyberjacking or Inattention?

As of 18-August 11:15am +08:00 (Saturday morning, Perth time) the domain name identified with one of Australia's most consistent short fiction outlets, Antipodean SF, leads to a page proclaiming "adult material not appropriate to be viewed by minors" and offering the domain name for sale, while AntiSF's raw Internet Protocol address,, points to a hardcore site called "The Adult Movie Network".

20-Aug-01: Editor and Publisher Ion Newcombe reports that his recently-closed Sydney-based ISP apparently failed to renew the registration of his domain name, and that he intended to move AntipodeanSF to the domain while he attempted to recover The whois database reveals that the new owners (the Canadian company Marketing Extensions Inc.) registered the domain on 15-August.

(Saturday, August 18 @ 10:03:35 WST)

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