Australian SF Awards Presented

The Ditmar Awards for work produced in 2000 were presented on Sunday in a ceremony at the Australian National SF Convention in Perth.

The results were as follows:

Best Novel:
  • Evergence 2: The Dying Light, Sean Williams & Shane Dix (HarperCollins)
Best Short Story (tie):
  • "The Devotee", Stephen Dedman (Eidolon 29/30)
  • "The Saltimbanques", Terry Dowling (Blackwater Days, Eidolon Books)
Best Collected Work
  • Blackwater Days, Terry Dowling (Eidolon Books)
Best Artwork:
  • Shaun Tan, The Lost Thing (Lothian)
Best Fan Writer:
  • Robin Pen
Best Fan Artist:
  • Grant Watson
Best Fan Production:
  • Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World, Grant Watson
William Atheling Jr award:
  • "Waking Henson: A Jim Henson retrospective", Grant Watson & Simon Oxwell (presentation)
Best New Talent:
  • Deborah Biancotti

(Friday, April 20 @ 09:54:35 WST)

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